Designed by Monica Armani for Turri, the ROMA Collection represents a full and complete expression of modern Turri living.
While referencing the well-defined Turri aesthetic, this collection masterfully balances its exquisite portfolio of classic and contemporary.

Elegant yet edited, seductive in its simplicity, the ROMA Collection plays on soft shapes of rounds and ovals and tactile curves. Its innovative use of luxury materials including striking graphics on lacquer in combination with velvet and leather in contemporary colour elevates and distinguishes this collection. Each piece simply
begs to be touched.

The ROMA Collection offers complete living, dining, bedroom, sideboard and consoles, shelving, cabinetry including dressers and side tables, lamps, vanity, desks, seating in chairs and lounge, coffee and side tables, mirrors, all connected in simplicity and modernity by the foundational shapes of rounds and ovals and graceful curves.

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